Runny Race

In Science we had to test honey, water and oil. We had to test the viscosity of each liquid. I thought that the water would be the runniest. Then the oil and then the honey. Guess what! That’s what happened.   First I had to design my experiment. I decided to put a hole in […]

Greek root words

Students have been investigating Greek root words. This will help them to understand the meaning of unknown words. Today we looked at the Greek word THERM. Go to this link to find words with THERM

Internet Safety Day

Today is Internet Safety Day. Every time we use devices you should be thinking about how to be safe! You are going to join in on a class discussion about internet safety. Please click on the below link Internet Safety Day

Working hard in Grade 4/5

WORKING HARD Our first two days were very busy with getting to know each other. We have got two new students in our class. Most of us have know each other since Kindergarten, so Mrs Stone gave us an icebreaker game to play in which we were given new names. Look at our twitter page […]

Awesome Student Blogs

Examples of Student blogs Here are examples of real student blogs to check out for ideas: Jarrod’s Awesome Blog – 10 years old Meaow @ Josie’s Blog Mirian’s Magical Moments Lachs blog of locks Kamryn’s Shadow Bree’s Bubble When you are working on your blog please remember the blogging guidelines and to have fun!

Welcome to Grade 4/5

Hi Kids and Parents,   Welcome to the first blog post for Grade 4/5. It’s nearly the end of holidays. I’m counting down the days now till we all get together and start our exciting year of learning! How have your holidays been? Did anyone leave Bendigo? Where did you go? See you in 8 […]

Hello world!

Welcome to You have registered with Global2 and by doing so have agreed to the Terms of Service. We want you to be safe and responsible for yourself and others on the web. Global2 is managed by the Department of Education and Training in Victoria. This is your first post. To edit or delete […]

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